12 Anime Series Winning the Visual Novel Adaptation Game

December 30, 2021 – 09:43 am

Steins;GateVisual novels are home to plenty of anime adaptations. Unfortunately, many anime adaptations are on the bad-to-barely-passable side. This has to due with the vast amount of content, branching paths, dialogue heaviness, and sprinkling of eroge scenes (for some, not all) that are found in visual novels.

Clannad is regarded as one of the best and most emotional. It's not-quite-harem setup with the girls, the growth between Tomoya and Nagisa, and the heartbreak of their adult years are a trip worth taking.Ef - A Tale of Memories Kyoto Animation's earlier efforts adapting Key visual novels (Kannon and Air) are also worth watching.

Clannad © Kyoto Animation / Key

White Fox took a challenge when adapting Steins;Gate, but it really paid off. The series is often hailed as a modern classic, with its smart writing and well developed characters.

Steins;Gate © White Fox / 5pb. / Nitroplus

The Fruit of GrisaiaOh boy, there has been three different attempts at adapting . Higurashi doesn't look the best, but the tense horror story and some unsettling scenes really makes the entire series a joy during Halloween time.

Higurashi no Naku Koro ni © Studio Deen / 07th Expansion

Talk about an emotional series. The entirety of Ef is split into two series; A Tale of Memories and A Tale of Melodies. If you like slow series, then let Shaft take you on a hypnotic and romantic ride.


Ef: A Tale of Memories © Shaft / Minori

People usually have high expectations for series based on the works of Key. Now, while Little Busters! is the weakest of Key based anime, that doesn't mean it's a bad show. If you love the themes of friendship, comedy hijinks, and emotional scenes, then you'll find plenty to like.

Little Busters! © J.C. Staff / Key

The Grisaia trilogy takes the ecchi harem format and adds in psychological and mystery elements. Now, if you are watching the entire anime trilogy, do so with a fresh mindset. The series is really good, but will disappoint anyone looking for a straight adaptation. Like Fate/stay Night, a lot of compromises had to be made.

Fate/stay Night Higurashi no Naku Koro ni Little Busters! Amagami SS

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