Novels by John Grisham in orderJune 16, 2022 – 10:21 am

Novels by John Grisham in order

John Grisham is one of the most famous fiction authors of all-time. The former lawyer is famous for his legal thrillers, although he’s written quite a few great books that have never ended up in a courtroom. What’s very notable about the Grisham books is that (with the exception of his recent Theodore Boone series) he’s never resorted to using the same characters. Every novel Grisham has wrote, save for his young teen novels, are purely standalone… Lifestyle Blog

Top novels of 21ST CenturyMay 27, 2022 – 10:06 am

Top novels of 21ST Century

A quick note: the following 10 novels will not appear on this list. It’s not your list. You might think these are great. I think they are overrated, whether because they are simply badly written (The Historian, The Memory Keeper’s Daughter), pretentious McSweeney’s-esque prattle (Absurdistan, Special Topics in Calamity Physics, Everything is Illuminated), boring (Life of Pi), overrated due to serious subject matter (Lovely Bones), well written but…

Three novels by Charles DickensMay 27, 2022 – 10:06 am

Three novels by Charles Dickens

250 Then imgwidth=300 ElseIf 0189200 Then imgwidth=250 ElseIf 0189150 Then imgwidth=200 ElseIf 0189100 Then imgwidth=150 Else imgwidth=100 End If % This is the wrapper for sixth installment of The Mystery of Edwin Drood, the last novel of Charles Dickens, who died before completing the remaining six installments and revealing the solution to the mystery. Photo courtesy of WPI s Robert D. Fellman Dickens Collection, housed in the George C. Gordon…

Visual novels online for girlsMay 27, 2022 – 10:06 am

Visual novels online for girls

Sekai Project has published the English version of episodic visual novel Idol Magical Girl Chiru Chiru Michiru on Steam for Windows. It’s a spin-off title from the trilogy of visual novels and was originally released for PlayStation Vita in Japan last year. You play as Matsushima Michiru as she dreams of becoming an idolized singer but only performs at a dingy basement bar on the weekends. One night, Michiru sees a falling star and wishes upon it…

Short novels ListMay 27, 2022 – 10:06 am

Short novels List

The novella has long been traditional publishing’s stepchild, often packaged into a collection of an author’s shorter works rather than released separately as an individual title. Given the expenses involved in editing, binding, marketing, and distributing print books, publishing such a short format in print has been too much of a financial risk for most publishers. That is—until the digital publishing revolution came along. Last summer, which…

New novels by Jackie CollinsMay 25, 2022 – 12:20 pm

New novels by Jackie Collins

Lucky runs a high profile casino and hotel complex, The Keys in Vegas. Lennie, her ex-movie star husband, is still writing and directing successful independent movies, while Max, her stubborn and gorgeous teenage daughter is about to celebrate her 18th birthday, and her son, Bobby, owns a string of hot clubs. Lucky has everything. Family. Love. Life. And everything is exactly what billionaire businessman Armand Jordan is determined to take from her…

Popular novels for women readersMay 6, 2022 – 11:48 am

Popular novels for women readers

It’s true that some male authors write the best divorce fiction. But is it real enough? Do women characters end up on the type of personal journey that we, as women readers, would prefer to follow after, hoping for their best. This list of contemporary divorce novels is written by women for women, hence women’s fiction. The slideshow below presents several novels in the divorce genre. Some are to inspire the new journey. Some inspire us to be able…