Top novels of 2015January 19, 2022 – 11:10 am

Top novels of 2015

So many books, so few hours at the beach! Get your summer reading on with these 10 great novels that will take you near and far, from the present to the past. Don t forget the sunscreen! What books are you reading this summer? From Amazon: Clara Cartwright, eighteen years old in 1929, is caught between her overbearing parents and her love for an Italian immigrant. Furious when she rejects an arranged marriage, Clara s father sends her to a genteel… Lifestyle Blog

YA novels Black charactersDecember 30, 2021 – 11:08 am

YA novels Black characters

Most of the time, I love young adult literature and am proud to be a YA librarian. But there’s usually a moment once a month when I feel sick, tired, and embarrassed to be working with YA books for a living — and that’s when I flip through my stack of review journals and see a menagerie of gorgeous white girls staring back at me from the covers of upcoming releases. If a YA book features a white, female protagonist (and this accounts for a not insignificant…

Visual novels animeDecember 30, 2021 – 09:43 am

Visual novels anime

Visual novels are home to plenty of anime adaptations. Unfortunately, many anime adaptations are on the bad-to-barely-passable side. This has to due with the vast amount of content, branching paths, dialogue heaviness, and sprinkling of eroge scenes (for some, not all) that are found in visual novels. Clannad is regarded as one of the best and most emotional. It s not-quite-harem setup with the girls, the growth between Tomoya and Nagisa, and the…

What Is a Literature Circle?December 30, 2021 – 08:36 am

What Is a Literature Circle?

Literature Circle Protocol Read Norms Transition Clarifying Questions Deep Discussion Debrief/Reflection Shareout Each student wrote down a goal their literature circle. Ex. Keep people on topic more often The class went over the previously agreed upon Norms Come prepared share the flow you can read ahead, but don’t talk ahead stay on topic follow protocol be respectful discussion centers be responsible for everyone’s knowledge Everyone got into their…

100 novels to readDecember 12, 2021 – 08:48 am

100 novels to read

Voted for by 5, readers around Australia, there is no pretention to this Top 100 list, says Brigid Delaney. Photograph: Penguin Books They are the books you see in rented beach houses or in the communal pile at backpacker hostels, left behind by travellers wanting to lighten their load. They’re the books on a waiting list at public libraries, chosen by book clubs, and reviewed in (non-literary) magazines. They are not necessarily great books but…

YA novels zombiesNovember 22, 2021 – 08:48 am

YA novels zombies

Sometimes a trend comes along that just isn’t for everyone—like traditional zombies. Maybe they’re hot right now (thanks, Walking Dead ), but they’re also sort of gross, definitely scary, and usually all around sad. But if The CW’s new iZombie proves anything, it’s that zombies don’t have to be those things. Zombie stories can be heartwarming, hilarious, and totally charming, which, of course, YA authors already knew. Here are 5 funny and smart zombie…

New novels OutNovember 22, 2021 – 08:48 am

New novels Out

It’s 2022, and France is living in fear. The country is roiled by mysterious troubles. Regular episodes of urban violence are deliberately obscured by the media. Everything is covered up, the public is in the dark and in a few months the leader of a newly created Muslim party will be elected president. On the evening of June 5, in a second general election—the first having been anulled after widespread voter fraud—Mohammed Ben Abbes handily beats…