True Detective 2 trailerOctober 3, 2017 – 11:14 am

True Detective 2 trailer

It’s a True Detective season 2 motherload! The first photos … the first teaser video … the premiere date … and a new detailed description of hotly anticipated and ever-mysterious HBO hit … Are all here now . After months of HBO silence and plenty of online medial speculation, the premium network has released several pieces of news and assets, without warning, all at once. True Detective will return Sunday, June 21 with new series stars Colin Farrell… Shop best Jamaican black castor oil online at

NYPD DetectivesAugust 15, 2017 – 01:26 am

NYPD Detectives

Det. Patrick Cherry, a member of the elite Joint Terrorism Task Force who was formerly assigned to the NYPD s Arson and Explosives Unit, blew up at the driver when the cabby honked at him for attempting to park on the West Side Highway without signaling, according to statements made in a video of the incident. Cherry won t be fired because verbal abuse of a civilian is not considered a fireable offense, sources said. In the video, recorded by a passenger…

True Detective Season 2 finaleJuly 16, 2017 – 01:22 am

True Detective Season 2 finale

HBO The HBO series closes out its second season with a bleak finale. [Warning: This post contains spoilers for the season finale of True Detective.] The first season of True Detective ended on a surprisingly up note, given all the nihilist philosophy espoused by one of its leads. Season two? The light definitely did not win. Sunday s finale of the HBO anthology played largely true to the story it had told for the previous seven hours. Which meant…

Detectives in Togas audiobookMay 27, 2017 – 01:19 am

Detectives in Togas audiobook

Henry Winterfeld, Author, Michael Stearns, Editor, Charlotte Kleinert, Illustrator A quartet of novels by German author Henry Winterfeld comes to light once more. Detectives in Togas (1956), illus. by Charlotte Kleinert, trans. by Richard and Clara Winston, is set in ancient Rome and stars young Rufus, guilty of insulting his classmate Caius, but not of all the other crimes attributed to him; it s up to his friends to track down the truth. In the…

True Detectives the Yellow KingMarch 24, 2017 – 01:10 am

True Detectives the Yellow King

Were we satisfied by how True Detective wrapped up? Was enough time spent on the mythology of the Yellow King? What do we want in a second season? David and Esther discuss. The bad guy was defeated. Rust and Marty ended up heroes. So were we satisfied? Esther: Nic Pizzolatto gave us an ending to the tale of Rust and Marty, plain and simple. They almost miraculously survived their encounter with Errol Childress, whose evil ways were revealed to the…

True Detectives title songMarch 20, 2017 – 01:08 am

True Detectives title song

A work of art True Detective’s opening credits. I miss Lost. When I watched Sense8, I missed Lost. When I’ve watched anything starring anyone from Lost, I’ve missed Lost. And, over the last year or so, whenever I’ve watched the opening titles of almost any prestigious drama series, I’ve really missed Lost. Because Lost knew that an elaborate opening title sequence was essentially wasted space. The show is called Lost, so here’s the word “Lost” and…

True Detective Second SeasonMarch 12, 2017 – 01:06 am

True Detective Second Season

What follows is an examination, recap, and review of the first episode of True Detective Season 2. As such, it contains spoilers for this season as well as the first season of the show. It also contains discussions of sexual violence and abuse, as these subjects play heavily into the story of the show. The first episode of the second season of True Detective makes it very clear that the standard television series rules do not apply here. Writer and…