World Literature: Part I

July 31, 2018 – 12:05 pm

World Literature: Part I

Russian Literature

Disclaimer: If you are not that into books you might want to leave by clicking here (why, isn’t that all you do in your free time?) As you’ve noticed, I’m quite protective about the importance of books.

Crude as this might sound, especially from a literature enthusiast like me, I can’t help but resist doing a little T-style break down of Russian Literature. Why, you ask? Well, everything doesn’t have a why. Although, Russian literature and my not so unique conclusion of it most certainly has a note-worthy answer to why….the only answer it lacks, however, is an answer to the one question you might be asking yourself half-way through an 800 pages book – Why me? So here we go then, Russian literature for Dummies? Nah, that would be far too ironic considering most of the writing comes from the 19th century intellectuals. Let us just call this one the

Long and Short of Lit – Mother Russia

Russian Lit, you see, works on one basic principle – how to turn an audience towards self-loathing.

The journey begins early.
Very, very early. Pronounce-the-name-of-the-Author early.

Now, said syndrome is far worse when you are in the company of someone who can actually pronounce those names.

Avoid doing this in front of such people. But, how do you identify them? Easy, most of them fall in the following categories –

He has done a thesis in Russian Literature – Can be identified by their disheveled beard, droopy eyes with dark circles that remind you of the abyss, long and unkempt hair with a receding hairline, inherited accent that makes as much sense as a Siberian Housing & Development Project etc.

He/she is Russian (immigrant or otherwise) – Can be easily identified by the gun in hand, the stench of Vodka mixed with cigarette smoke apparent in the 1.8km radius and an accent that needs a translator.


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