World Literature Research Paper Sample on James Joyce's Eveline

May 20, 2016 – 06:30 pm

Research papers on James Joyce’s Eveline identifies an aspect of the text and develops an interpretation of the story.

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This research paper requires you to not only develop your own interpretation of the story by James Joyce entitled "Eveline", but you also must frame an argument with respect to the positions of other critics.

First is to identify an aspect of the text and develop an interpretive argument. Identify an element of one of the narratives and explain how it contributes to the meaning of the text. You can include point of view, setting, characterization, and structure; plot, camera work, editing, social context, etc.

James Joyce's Eveline

There are 2 sources that you are to work with and I will email them separately. Make certain not to simply directly agree with one that is more compatible with the piece. Rather, you'll want to highlight the points of correspondence but then indicate where your argument diverges or goes farther than the critic with whom you agree. So to respect to whom you disagree with, you'll find it useful to point out some areas of agreement between your reading and that critic's.

The main objective is to explain:

1. How your interrogation of that element leads to an interpretation of the text and,

2. How your interpretation is engaged with the work of others. In some instances what you examine may complicate or even interfere with the ostensible message of the text that is perfectly appropriate. In addition to that problem, you will want to discuss the implications of that impasse to the experience of reading the text.


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