10 Best New Graphic Novels to Read Fall 2015

October 27, 2022 – 11:13 am

Dean Haspiel's Beef With Tomato is a semi-autobiographical work that you need to read this fall.EXPAND

Dean Haspiel's Beef With Tomato is a semi-autobiographical work that you need to read this fall.

Dean Haspiel, Alternative Comics

It’s almost fall somewhere in the Northern Hemisphere. Fall, as in cool temperatures and the beginning of a new school year. As this is being written, it’s monsoon season in the Valley and school has been in session for weeks.

When we were kids somewhere else, Labor Day felt like New Year’s Day, only better, because a) frankly, we were over sweat and mosquitoes and b) it meant new clothes, new school supplies and best of all, new books.Don't miss Owen King and Mark Jude Poirier's first collab with Nancy Ahn. If we weren’t lucky enough to get at least one fat, shiny, spanking fresh text book with pristine pages and that luxurious new book smell, there were still the enticing Scholastic brochures promising brand new books that we got to pick ourselves and pay for with coins we shook out of our piggy banks. The books magically appeared in our classroom in a few weeks and we had the delicious pleasure of taking them home and binge-reading until they ran out. Then we waited for the next four-page newsprint brochure and our subsequent fresh book fix.

Let’s pretend that we’re somewhere else, somewhere where Labor Day marks the end of summer and the beginning of a new book year. Here are 10 of the new fall crop of graphic books that we can’t wait to crack. They run the gamut of fiction, memoir, non-fiction, and biography.

Bill Griffith presents a graphic memoir.Beef With Tomato
By Dean Haspiel, Alternative Comics

Haspiel has superhero drawing chops having drawn Batman and Wonder Woman for DC, among others. He also has alt-comic chops illustrating for Harvey Pekar, and picked up a primetime Emmy a few years back for graphic design; anything he has his hand in is going to look good. In this book, Haspiel is once again the star of his own show with a return to semi-autobiographical tales of his birthplace and hometown of New York.


Adrian Tomine delivers serious literature in graphic form.

Don't miss Owen King and Mark Jude Poirier's first collab with Nancy Ahn.


Intro to Alien Invasion
By Owen King & Mark Jude Poirier, illustrations by Nancy Ahn
Published in September by Scribner

Respected novelists King and Poirier have teamed with first time illustrator Ahn for this alien invasion/campus culture/young love send-up. Mix overachieving astrobiology student Stacey with a hurricane that knocks out all power to tiny Fenton College, add space insects and newfound love, stir well. Sounds like a fun romp.

Out on the Wire opens with words from Ira Glass. Peter Kuper draws on his experiences living in Oaxaca for Ruins. 10 New Graphic Novels to Read This Fall Kate Beaton's second collection of cartoons is out this fall.

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