Top 5 Resources for Learning Java for Android

September 27, 2022 – 08:23 am

Learning to make Android apps is alot like saying " I wanna learn how to write novels in Spanish" You cant just start writing novels in Spanish if Spanish isn't your primary language. First you learn the language(java) then after alot of practice you start to catch on to the grammar(syntax) and start to make connections and form sentences. Finally you start to see the big picture of the language and with time your able to write with some sense of style so you can finally write that Spanish novel.(your Android app)

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Learning java for Android can seem overwhelming . You have to learn this completely foreign language before you can even start to get to the good stuff(working on apps) not only that but, the java language is HUGE!!! Where do you start? What do you need to know? whats irrelevant to you as a android developer?Below are 5 of my favorite resources for building a strong foundation in java.

If your new to Java or development in general this is a priceless web gem.I would dare to say that Mehran Sahami is the best professor ive ever learned from. You can tell the man puts real work into his lessons and does all he can to make java more interesting than it really is. The course is great because it requires no prerequisite programming skills but, does require some level of patience(there is around 30 hours of content from start to finish separated into hour long lectures.It may not be the quickest way to learn java overnight but, your getting something more than someone telling you to cut this and paste this. Its called programming methodology because its aimed to teach you the top down mindset of a developer from the start.The entire course is online via youtube and also comes complete with full class documentation and homework assignments(dont skip them, they may be challenging, but you will thank me after you complete them.

If you have development experience in another language and just need a crash course in the java for android this is the tutorial series for you. This series gets right to the meat and potato's with little to no filler.Another thing I really like about this tut series is it mixes in what they call "challenges" where they ask you to do something based on what youve learned in the previous tutorials without just giving you the answer. This is great because it makes what your reading stick to you.

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