Best Books for Teens 2014!

September 29, 2022 – 10:53 am

Teen book list 2014 coversThe New York Public Library is proud to announce its list of the Best Books for Teens 2014! The list includes a selection of 25 novels, non-fiction books, and graphic novels chosen by a committee of Young Adult librarians who work with teens in NYPL’s neighborhood branches. From March through November we debated and argued, and ultimately decided on these books. It was a tough call, but we think these 25 titles represent some of the best books out there for teens right now.

This list has a little something for everyone: fantasy, science fiction, realism, humor, romance, history, mystery and suspense. We travel from Imperial Russia into the jungles of Gabon, across the oceans to the Panama Canal, from India over to California, then Iowa and finally to Brooklyn, New York, just to name a few exotic locations. These are stories that illuminate the power of friendship and family, love and betrayal, racial tension, giant insect apocalypses, evil witches, psychedelic bat remains, cryogenically frozen heads and non-cuddly chimpanzees.

Listed in alphabetical order by title.

by Andrew Smith
When Finn was five years old, he was crushed by a horse that fell from the sky. Now he experiences blackouts and counts time in miles instead of minutes.

by Linda Vigen Phillips
In the JFK-era 1960s, Laura witnesses her mother's mental illness and wonders if she is seeing her own future.

by Candace Fleming
Every once in a while, truth is stranger than fiction. This is the true story of how a royal family's downfall changed history.

by Isabel Quintero
"For all the gorditas, flaquitas, and in-between girls trying to make their space in the world, " here is Gabi, a SoCal teen trying to make it through her senior year, deal with her drug addicted father, and find her true voice through poetry.

by Gail Giles
They've just graduated from special ed and now Biddy and Quincy are finding the real world is more dangerous, strange, and wonderful than they expect.

by A.S. King
Glory can look at anyone and see their infinite past and future, but there is one person's future she can't see—her own.

by Andrew Smith
In the small town of Ealing, Iowa, a bi-curious teen and his best friends face a giant insect apocalypse.

by Sally Green
What makes a witch good or evil? Nathan has the blood of both in his veins, but not even he knows anymore.

by Ann Brashares
Prenna is an immigrant to New York . . . from the future!

by Kekla Magoon
Tariq is shot and killed outside the bodega, and now everyone has their own opinion about how and why it happened.

by Jandy Nelson
Jude and Noah are twins. Love, jealousy and art bind them together, but secrets tear them apart.

by Laurie Halse Anderson
Hayley hopes for a normal life when she returns to her hometown, but her father's struggles with PTSD constantly keep her on edge.

by Ava Dellaira
Dealing with life is hard and dealing with death is even harder. Laurel finds her own way to grieve for her sister by writing letters to dead celebrities.

by Matthew Jobin
Three friends take on an ancient evil that has the power to destroy not just their village, but the world as they know it.

by John Corey Whaley
When Travis Coates dies, his head is cut off and frozen. He wakes up five years later to learn that a lot has changed, starting with his body.

by Sasha Dawn
Callie knows what really happened the night her father and one of his parishoners disappeared. The only problem is she can’t remember.

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