Six Must-Play DS Visual Novels

October 28, 2022 – 08:54 am

In Jeremy's post on the 3DS's recent sales surge, one of his points really stood out to me; namely, that the original DS popularized previously unknown (or recently nonexistent) types of games for an audience still trying to wrap their brains around the system's two screens and novel means of input. And while the genre in question hasn't yet reached the popularity of brain training, dog raising, or gentleman simulation (a la Professor Layton), without the DS, visual novels would still be one of those weird Japanese things we only hear about in whispers, riddles, and animes. Granted, most of the ones that don't make it to our shores feature doe-eyed, underage gals in various states of undress and helplessness, but that doesn't mean the genre's a total wash. ! Or having it read to you - I'm not one to criticize Internet browsing habits of the criminally lazy.

Phoenix Wright hit the DS just as the platform couldn't feel any more gimmicky; as the system's owners found themselves unnaturally poking, tracing, or using that bizarre (and thankfully discontinued) thumb-nub, the idea of a lawyer game struck many as just another stab at pointless novelty. But those who stuck around to dig into Shu Takumi's creation soon discovered a world of affable goofballs and labyrinthine mysteries reined in by an obsessive devotion to internal logic. While the three Phoenix Wright games could have been fine as a collection of unrelated cases, each game successively builds on the murder of Phoenix's former partner and the various conspiracies surrounding her two sisters. Truthfully, the trilogy sags a bit in the second chapter (Justice for All), but the series brings a highly satisfying sense of closure to all of its dangling threads in Trials and Tribulations.

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