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October 11, 2021 – 09:10 am

What is Sable Fable?
Sable Fable is a story. A story that hasn't yet fully made up its mind how it wants to be told, and so like a child full of wonder without limitations who wants to be an astronaut-journalist-moviestar-superhero when they grow up, Sable Fable wants to be a game-visualnovel-comic-movie-shortstory-EVERYTHING experience with exasperating enthusiasm.

The world of storytelling in changing. It's easier than ever to combine mediums and create content that is words and sound and art and interactivity. We're also living in an age where creators like myself can reach out and speak with our audience more easily than ever before, not just after our works are published, but during the development phase where we can get immediate feedback and even include the ideas of interested fans to grow and improve our creations.

Sable Fable wants YOU

As ambitious as Sable Fable already is, I want it to be bigger. I want the community to help me build it and improve it and to make the choices and guide the story and come up with the kinds of wild, ridiculous ideas that only a collective imagination can dream up. Similar projects include Ruby Quest and MSPaint Adventures (Both of which I highly recommend if you haven't seen them before!), although I'm hoping at this stage to release Sable Fable in a more episodic, flash-created, mini-game format.

I'm hoping that patrons will come and pledge, not just money to the project to help me with the day-to-day costs of the time and materials that will go into it, but with their own thoughts and imagination and suggestions to take this story to even greater heights. In return, I promise you a world of wonder and magic that you can explore in ways that surpass the usual mediums of a book, comic or even a game.

But what is it actually about?

Oh! I suppose it would be useful to talk about that. Here is the basic premise:

Also, watching the video posted above will give you a fairly solid idea if the themes and setting of this story is something that appeals to you. Sable Fable is a horror-inspired mystery with fantasy-based elements about a small group of students attending the illustrious Sable Academy. It will be an exploration of identity, morality, desire and fear. There will be LGBTIQ themes, as well as the possibility for violence, blood and gore, sexual suggestiveness, kittens and more. I'd tentatively rate this as MA15+, but aside from signing warnings on appropriate content I'm not going to be policing my audience. Please use your own discretion, and if you have any questions or concerns, don't hesitate to email me!

So what neat benefits to Patrons get?

I'm aiming to complete one interactive page (with art, sound effects, animation, etc) each week to the Sable Fable Archive, which is the minimum I can promise with no Patron support. Though I eventually hope to have all of Sable Fable available free and online for everyone to see, Patrons will be the biggest contributors to its creation and so will get plenty of nice perks for helping me get this project off the ground.

[+] All Patrons will get Monday-Wednesday-Friday updates on how the project is going. This will give you sneak previews at background art, new characters and page designs, so you get all content fresh and fast.

[+] Patrons will (where applicable) get to make suggestions on character actions within the story which I will attempt to fulfil to the best of my ability. This will probably be determined through polling votes since as my audience grows, attempting every single idea would significantly slow down the actual creation of pages. However, particularly entertaining/interesting Patron suggestions may get thrown in as well. All unique suggestions will be personally credited, so you may get your name listed as a specific contributor.

[+] As milestone goals are reached, Patrons will be the first to see all extra content, such as artwork, wallpapers, side-stories, tutorials and more! See the Milestones for a specific list of all the additional treats I eventually hope to include.


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