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November 22, 2021 – 08:48 am

iZombieSometimes a trend comes along that just isn’t for everyone—like traditional zombies. Maybe they’re hot right now (thanks, Walking Dead), but they’re also sort of gross, definitely scary, and usually all around sad. But if The CW’s new iZombie proves anything, it’s that zombies don’t have to be those things. Zombie stories can be heartwarming, hilarious, and totally charming, which, of course, YA authors already knew. Here are 5 funny and smart zombie stories you can devour now that iZombie has opened your eyes to the world of not-so-gross zombies.

Warm Bodies, by Isaac Marion
Imagine an incredibly funny Romeo and Juliet, but with more brain eating. R is a soulful philosopher trapped in the body of a zombie. His days are spent engaging in traditional zombie hobbies: riding escalators, groaning, and eating brains. But when R eats the brains of a teenage boy and begins hearing his thoughts, things take an unexpected turn, as he falls in love with the boy’s girlfriend. The two star-crossed lovers begin a romance that will transform more than just their lives—it’ll change everything. Bonus: Warm Bodies was turned into an equally charming movie starring the always welcome Nicholas Hoult.

Undead, by Kirsty McKay
This book is what happens when Shaun of the Dead meets The Breakfast Club, which basically means it’s a funny zombie book full of teenage angst. Bobby is just trying to fit into a new school, and luckily she meets a cute rebel boy to get her flirt on with. But when a zombie outbreak threatens to ruin the school ski trip, Bobby must work with her fellow classmates and take refuge on the school bus to avoid becoming the next zombie snack. Full of comic gore and nail-biting suspense, this series starter is a hilarious look at teen dynamics during crisis time.

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