Literature: Honor Harrington

March 13, 2018 – 11:44 am

No matter the size of your star fleet, do not mess with Lady Harrington, her crew, her country, her family and especially her 'cat. The 'cat will cut you.

Let's be about it.

Honor Harrington is a Military Science-Fiction series by David Weber. The book series is mainly set around the adventures of the titular heroine, although we see a fair amount of the wider universe. The primary conflict of the storyline is the Star Kingdom of Manticore (The Good Guys) vs. The People's Republic of Haven (The Bad Guys Who Aren't Entirely Unsympathetic).Weber has explicitly described the series as "Horatio Hornblower" with the series being a great deal more focused on (Space) Naval operations than other science fiction series. Honor Harrington occasionally performs ground-based and political adventures, but the vast majority of the series is focused on her ship-to-ship conflicts, where she serves as commanding officer. However, like almost all Long Runners, the story's scope has expanded a fair bit, with an increase in moments when Honor isn't "on-screen, " and other prominent supporting characters have taken center stage at various points.There is now a Spin-Off Young Adult series centered on one of Honor's ancestors. For that series, see . Also starting in September 2014 is a prequel series collectively titled, written by Weber and Timothy Zahn, with assistance from Tom Pope of BuNine; the first novel, A Call to Duty, was given a launch party on August 28, 2014 at the Science-Fiction/Fantasy convention

Brief Synopses of the Books

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Honor Harrington

The main-line novel series, primarily following the adventures of the titular character and events on and around Manticore, as well as those in the (People's) Republic of Haven and the Protectorate of Grayson. Among others.


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