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March 1, 2016 – 01:54 pm
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Literature Review Writing

Graduate students demonstrate their knowledge of the research in their field through literature reviews. In addition to organizing and synthesizing other scholars’ contributions to a particular research topic, these papers highlight areas that need further investigation. Gaps highlighted in the literature review provide spaces in which graduate students’ research will contribute to the literature currently published in their field.

Examples of Literature Reviews:

De Freitas, S., Neumann, T. (2009). Pedagogic strategies supporting the use of synchronous audiographic conferencing: a review of the literature. British Journal of Educational Technology, 40(6), 980-998.

Johnson Lindstrom, S. (2009). Improving the school environment to reduce school violence: a review of the literature. Journal of School Health, 79(10), 451-465.

Shaefer Whitby, P.J., Mancil, G.R. (2009). Academic achievement profiles of children with high functioning autism and asperger syndrome: a review of the literature. Education and Training in Developmental Disabilities, 44(4), 551-560.

Towles-Reeves, E., Kleinert, H., Muhomba, M. (2009). Alternate assessment: have we learned anything new? Council for Exceptional Children, 75(2), 233-252.

Zech, A., Hubscher, M., Vogt, L., Winfried, B., Hansel, F., Pfeifer, K. (2009). Neuromuscular training for rehabilitation of sports injuries: a systematic review. Medicine & Science in Sports & Exercise, 41(10), 1831-1841.



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