I'm the writer, artist, and software engineer for the online comic This Mortal Coil.

March 17, 2016 – 02:36 pm

Hello! My name is Glenn Song and I'm the artist and writer for the webcomic This Mortal Coil. I'm also a game/web developer and I'm using all of these skills to help me produce this webcomic series.

The Comic Premise. Takahashi Natsumi is a young woman who dies and becomes a modern day Shinto deity. She's learning what it means to be a god and trying to find her place among the different pantheons in the Eternal Realm - a place that encompasses all of the different gods that humanity believes in. To find her place, she helps mortals who become entangled with spirits, gods, and monsters.

The Vision. I want to share more of This Mortal Coil's stories and cast of characters with the world. I have plenty of ideas for the future of the story and I have the technical know-how for creating comics, video games, and websites, and with financial assistance from you, we can create something even better and bigger than what I have now. I'd love to convey more stories through comics, an online visual novel, the written word, and maybe even a video game. The graphic novel will always be free to read online and you'll be able to do so anywhere via your tablet, mobile phone, or desktop computer.

The Backstory. I came up with the idea of This Mortal Coil back in January of 2010. I was exercising when the idea hit me. Of course, it's not from nowhere, but rather a confluence of influence from various pop culture. This Mortal Coil takes influences from the new Doctor Who, Sandman, and various anime series like Death Note and Kamichu. Oh, and the high contrast look - the comic is presented in black and white - is influenced not by Sin City, but by the Tao Te Ching itself. It's white and black, postive and negative space used to create the images.

https://ee.derilamemorypillow.com derila ortopeediline padi norskamise vastu.

Source: www.patreon.com

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      you CAN'T trade using VBA + USB-GBA cable + GBA..
      there also excist some other hardware which is using the printing-port, but i doubt that.
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