50 Best Business Books for Women

May 15, 2015 – 03:57 pm

By Holly Reisem Hanna

Are you looking to load up your e-reader with some new books to boost your business or career? Well, look no further. We put out the call to find the best business books on the market for women. Topics range from finding your niche and marketing your business, to self development, and motivational training. Where ever you’re at in your career or business — there’s a book for you!

by Dan Miller

An incredible book endorsed and recommended by Dave Ramsey. Suggested by Tracy Bennett – Stella & Dot Stylist.

by Robin Fisher Roffer

A fabulous read for anyone from the serious entrepreneur to the hobby blogger on defining and projecting your personal brand. Suggested by Jennifer Donogh – Ovaleye Web Solutions for Women.

3) The Have It All Woman by Susan Sly

I’ve been a student of self-development for over fifteen years and have read many awesome books, but this is one of my favorites. Suggested by Sue Seward – Home Business Developer.

4) Buzzmarketing by Mark Hughes

Talks about how small businesses become household names with free publicity, creativity, and almost zero advertising dollars. Suggested by Donna L. Johnson – The Unemployed Entrepreneur.

by Jeffrey Gitomer

This book was a gift to me from my sister when I first started my business. It’s easy and fun to read and packed full of do’s and don’ts for successful selling and client relationships. Suggested by Donna L. Johnson – The Unemployed Entrepreneur.

by Terri Lonier

While the little tidbits are great, the overwhelming message that it doesn’t take a fortune to start a business, just a little creativity, is priceless! Suggested by Deb Howard Greenleaf – Greenleaf Accounting Services, LLC.

by Timothy Ferriss

by Gary Vaynerchuk

Suggested by Diana Stirling – Pretirement Living.

by Frances Cole Jones

Suggested by Frances Cole Jones – Author.

by Jay Conrad Levinson and Shel Horowitz

Brings a definite feminine sensibility to marketing. Suggested by Shel Horowitz – Author.

by Kim Lavine

Mommy Millionaire has been called by Publisher’s Weekly in a Starred Review: “A top-notch, how-to guide on launching a business”. Suggested by Kim Lavine – Author.

The Mommy Manifesto was written for you. If you are a woman who owns a business or if you are thinking of starting your own business, this book will get you pumped up and ready to conquer the world.” Laura Sultan. Suggested by Kim Lavine – Author.

by Laura Vanderkam

A great time management/ inspiration/ productivity read for time-crunched women and mom’s. A bonus is that it covers both business and personal. Suggested by Caroline Ceniza-Levine – Six Figure Start.

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