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June 25, 2016 – 08:28 pm

Click for larger imageKatholieke Radio Omroep - KRO another of the big programme makers, catholic in origin. Same mix as usual, but now with the emphasis on foreign detective series. KRO is also the home of RKK, which specializes in christian-religious programmes.

A long ident and an announcement from Hans van Willigenburg.
In the 90s he was the presenter of the RTL4 morningshow, 'Koffietijd'.
KRO Ident
1988 This ident was first transmitted on April 4th 1988, when Nederland 3 started its broadcasts.Click for larger image There was a short and long version.
This was the last real KRO ident until 1993, when in-vision announcers were abolished.
KRO Continuity
1989 Here's announcer Edward Niessing
KRO Closedown
1990 Maud van der Kroon closes down the night.
A short ident with the nederland 1 logo between the programmes.
KRO Copyright Ident
1995 Short ident after KRO-programmes.
KRO 75 Years
KRO Ident
KRO Promos
KRO Ident
KRO Ident
KRO Detectives Ident
2003 A detectives theme ident with a new logo, in use since 2001.
KRO Promo
Official Website
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