Here are some of my very favorites

September 29, 2022 – 10:53 am

Reading aloud from novels is one of my favorite things to do. I enjoy reading picture books, as well, but there is nothing like a good children’s novel, shared out loud.

I tend to think it pays off to be careful about what those very first novels are, though. A cumbersome, boring, or otherwise unpleasant first experience with longer narrative can really take the wind out of your sails, and who needs that?

These novels have short chapters, fantastic characters, and easy-to-follow plot lines. What that means? They make for FABULOUS first novels to read aloud with your kids.

If you’re just getting started reading aloud from novel-length books with your kids, you’ll enjoy it more if you ease in with book that have short chapters, fantastic characters, and easy-to-follow plot lines.

Just click the images to find the book on Amazon. These are affiliate links. It makes a big difference when you use them, so thank you!

You can pretty much close your eyes and pick any single one of those books and you’ll be in good shape. :) If your child is at all nebulous about listening to a story without any pictures, give one of these a go and see what he says after. :)

I’ve got some more thoughts on reading middle grade novels with kids over at Simple Homeschool, and a podcast episode of the Read-Aloud Revival on this topic, too. In the podcast episode, I share my best tips and tricks for making the transition from picture books to chapter books and novels as smooth as possible, and I share which author I think is the #1 best to start with. :) You can listen to it here.

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