The story of the Urdu Novel Jannat K Pattay

August 30, 2022 – 07:18 am

Jannat-2BK-2BPattayJannat K Pattay is a very interesting and excellent Urdu Novel. The English translation of the title is Leaves of the Paradise. This novel is written by Nimra Ahmad. Just like Umera Ahmad, she is also a very famous and well known writer in Pakistan. She has written several novels on different social topics. The Urdu book lovers like her style of writing and always wait for her new stories. Her said creation Jannat K Pattay is widely praised by the Urdu story lovers from all over the world.

The topic of this Novel is very catchy and unique. The story of the novel is about Hijab or Veil (a piece of cloth that girls wear to hide their face and hair). The story circulates around a young girl Haya, who studying Law in a university. She is too much interested in latest fashion and very curious to adopt every new trend. But due to some family restrictions, she can't do such things. She gets a chance to study in Turkey on scholarship so she goes there.
While staying in Turkey, she becomes a friend of the two girls Baharey and Ayeshey. Their friendship as well as some incidents bring a lot of changes in Haya's life. Her mind changes and she seriously thinks about a new way of life. She begins to wear Veil but this decision brings some difficulties in her life. The whole story of Jannat K Pattay is really interesting and readable.
This Novel is available online. We are giving its link here. The number of pages is 329. The size of the PDF file is 12.4 MB.

Sample pages of the Novel Jannat K Pattay

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