3rd Grade Common Core Reading Literature Activities

September 6, 2015 – 04:30 pm

A couple weeks ago one of my coworkers asked me to compile some activities for her to use next year in 5th grade. Naturally I posted it here on my blog, and the response was great! Many of you liked the activities! One fan ("Crazy" Danielle) even asked if I would consider compiling 3rd grade activities next. How could I turn her down? After all - I have some coworkers that I knew would love them as well.

So - without further ado, here are the 3rd grade Common Core Reading Literature Activities, as promised!

I would love feedback on whether these resources are helpful to you, and how you plan to use them in your classroom!

***5.30.12 UPDATE***
Thanks to Pinterest, I have seen these AMAZING Common Core Literacy standards put together by Read Tennessee. They have media, teaching strategies, lesson and unit plans, activities/centers, and assessment ideas that are all FREE! By clicking on the picture below, you will get WAY more resources than I was able to find!

Source: www.hojosteachingadventures.com

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