True Detectives Season 1 NetflixOctober 22, 2016 – 09:36 pm

True Detectives Season 1 Netflix

So after digesting the premiere of True Detective, I will cop to being hooked in the cheek and yanked into Nic Pizzolatto’s boat. The atmosphere, the acting, the pacing, the twin timelines, it was all right up my alley. The show appears to be another winner for HBO, but this isn’t the 12 episodes per season, keep-the-fans-on-the-hook-for-five-years effort in the same vein as The Sopranos or Boardwalk Empire . Because once this eight episode run of… Resident Evil 4 2023

True Detectives TuttleOctober 7, 2016 – 02:50 pm

True Detectives Tuttle

Editor’s note: Alyssa Rosenberg is PostOpinions’s new culture blogger. Her own blog will be launching in the coming days. This post discusses the season finale of “True Detective” in extensive detail. As the final episode of the first season of HBO’s hit anthology series “True Detective” approached this Sunday, the show’s obsessive audience puzzled over what might happen when former detectives Marty Hart (Woody Harrelson) and Rust Cohle (Matthew McConaughey)…

YouTube Literature in a Box ProjectSeptember 25, 2016 – 02:29 pm

YouTube Literature in a Box Project

At the Bay View, we know from the long list of prisoners on our waiting list for a subscription to the paper that prisoners are hungry for reading material that is spiritually, culturally and politically nourishing. Donations to the Bay View Prisoners Subscription Fund are always welcome; you can donate online at Many prisoners, like these in Georgia, form study groups to discuss what they learn from Bay View stories. Write to them: Eugene Thomas…

Literature genres in the BibleSeptember 13, 2016 – 01:11 pm

Literature genres in the Bible

What would you say is the genre of the Bible? It’s tempting to classify the Bible’s genre as something broad and nebulous— religious instruction, perhaps (isn’t that the section it’s shelved in at your local bookstore?). Certainly, we often treat the Bible as if it were a unified piece of genre literature , approaching Genesis, Revelation, and everything in between with the same set of reading expectations. You may even have heard phrases like “instruction…

True Detective 2X06July 31, 2016 – 11:46 pm

True Detective 2X06

No show knows how to double down and hit hard quite like True Detective . “Church in Ruins” picks up right where we left off as Ray (Colin Farrell) bangs down the door of Frank (Vince Vaughn) after discovering the man who raped his wife is still alive and the man Frank told him about was not the rapist. The two sit at Frank’s kitchen table, cups of coffee on top and concealed pistols pointed at each other underneath. Ray thinks Frank gave him the…

Detectives in TogasJuly 15, 2016 – 09:54 pm

Detectives in Togas

Description Yes! Rufus wrote CAIUS IS A DUMBBELL on his tablet at school. But no, he did not break into the classroom, did not tie up his teacher, and certainly did not paint his opinion of Caius on the on the Temple of Minerva (even if it is Rufus s own handwriting). But now Rufus is doomed. Unless his six classmates can find out who is really resposible, Rufus will end up behind bars forever. Every hour seems to bring a new, confusing clueuntil…

Detectives KROJune 25, 2016 – 08:28 pm

Detectives KRO

Katholieke Radio Omroep - KRO another of the big programme makers, catholic in origin. Same mix as usual, but now with the emphasis on foreign detective series. KRO is also the home of RKK, which specializes in christian-religious programmes. A long ident and an announcement from Hans van Willigenburg. In the 90s he was the presenter of the RTL4 morningshow, Koffietijd . KRO Ident 1988 This ident was first transmitted on April 4th 1988, when Nederland…