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Detectives in Togas


Yes! Rufus wrote CAIUS IS A DUMBBELL on his tablet at school. But no, he did not break into the classroom, did not tie up his teacher, and certainly did not paint his opinion of Caius on the on the Temple of Minerva (even if it is Rufus's own handwriting). But now Rufus is doomed. Unless his six classmates can find out who is really resposible, Rufus will end up behind bars forever. Every hour seems to bring a new, confusing clue...until the boys finally stumble upon the real culprit.

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Reader's Reviews

An original and humorous mystery story...tied neatly into a plot that has continuous suspense...The historical details are so naturally a part of the story that the whole has the liveliness that the pictures suggest. Our whole family enjoyed this really funny and exciting book.

man i hated this book. what teacher picked this for summer reading? (they obliviously never read it) it stinks don't read it you'll waste your time. This is an awful book. boring, predictible, and just plain horrible.

-a suffering student

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  • avatar What is a summary for detectives in Togas chapter 9?
    • A summary for detectives in Togas chapter 9 is that the boys are being accused of putting graffiti on a Roman wall. A fun fact is that the summary of chapter nine is that the boys are being accused of putting graffiti on a roman wall and are facing questions by officials. !