The Most Popular Novels This Year

December 13, 2016 – 11:05 pm

Book coversLockhart and Moriarty author two of the most popular books this year.With the cold weather setting in, there's nothing better than curling up with a good book.

As the year comes to a close we looked back to find the best reads of 2014.

These are the most popular novels of 2014.

This thrilling novel explores the lives of the Eastman family, and why teenager Cadence Sinclair Eastman can't remember what happened at her grandfather's lake house two summers ago. Cadence spends every summer at her grandfather's sprawling Cape Cod estate with two cousins and a friend. The foursome calls themselves "The Liars, " and work together when their parents try to use them as pawns when it comes to settling their grandfather's estate and will. The family's dark secrets are revealed and Cadence finally uncovers what happened during that mysterious summer two years ago.

Comedy writer Georgie McCool and her husband Neal, a stay-at-home dad, are struggling with their marriage. When Georgie receives the television writing opportunity of a lifetime she cancels the family Christmas trip to see Neal's family in Omaha. To Georgie's surprise, Neal packs up their daughters and heads to Omaha for the holidays anyway, leaving Georgie to contemplate their marriage. Neal is dodging her calls, so Georgie uses the ancient yellow landline phone in her room to call Neal's home phone in Omaha. However, the Neal she talks to on the other line is the Neal from 1998 when they first met. Now Georgie has the opportunity to fix her marriage from the past, or decide if her marriage truly isn't fixable.

The World War II novel follows blind Marie-Laure and orphaned Werner. Marie-Laure's father makes scale models of their Paris neighborhood so his blind daughter can navigate the streets on her own and gain independence. When the Nazis occupy Paris, Marie-Laure and her father flee to the coastal town of Saint-Malo where she bravely works for the French resistance. Meanwhile, Werner, an engineering prodigy, lands a spot at a brutal Hitler Youth academy. Werner works for the Nazis and is sent to spy on the resistance in Saint-Malo, where his and Marie-Laure's stories converge.

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