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April 19, 2020 – 07:16 am


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Kelly Tenkely

Kelly Tenkely graduated from Colorado Christian University with a Liberal Arts degree in Elementary Education. She started teaching in 2003 as a second grade teacher in a public school. In 2004 she made the switch to private school and took the only available opening as the technology teacher. Educational technology has since become her passion. She started a web site for her classroom and soon discovered that other teachers were using the site to aid technology in their classrooms.

Kelly also trains teaching staff on integrating and implementing technology into the classroom. Training teachers on the use of technology in the classroom led to her blog,, where she blogs daily about integrating technology into the classroom simply and effectively. When she is not blogging, searching for and playing with new technology, or on Kelly enjoys scrapbooking, cooking, and spending time with her husband and dog (Aya).

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  • avatar Why should college students read Beowulf in a World Literature class? | Yahoo Answers
    • Probably because it is hailed as one of THE best examples of old English literature without which the English language would not be what it is today and interesting ideas my come up when reading what is written today and what was back then.
      I think that's the only reason why :)