Breaking: Zynga launches newest Facebook game, Fairy Tale Twist

September 21, 2015 – 01:41 pm


Image courtesy Zynga

Zynga has today launched its latest Facebook game, Fairy Tale Twist. The free-to-play game transports players to a universe populated by the world’s most famous fairy tales, and challenges them to defeat the evil Rumpelstiltskin, who has placed a curse upon the land.

Fairy Tale Twist is Zynga’s newest puzzle game, following in line behind titles like Bubble Safari. Here, players are asked to complete various match-three levels, each with a different goal or layout. As players create matches of four or more like symbols, power-ups are added to the board, triggering the removal of full rows or columns, or otherwise helping players out along the way.

Each set of levels takes place in a different story, starting with Little Red Riding Hood. Like similar match-three games, many levels are move-limited, giving players a limited amount of moves to complete an overall goal, from earning a specific number of points to rescuing animals, as examples.

Fairy Tale Twist offers a literal twist on the match-three gameplay with twisters that may rotate symbols on the board automatically, without input or control by the player. This alters current strategies and may make levels more challenging to complete within the limited number of moves. fairy-tale-twist-650 At the same time, the automatic twists may also rearrange the board in such a way as to provide for great power-ups for skilled or simply lucky players.

Fairy Tale Twist represents a continuation of Zynga and new CEO Don Mattrick’s strategy to create new games for players in the genres that they’re most excited and passionate about. The game is now available to play for free on Facebook in 14 different languages, with a mobile version coming soon. Zynga confirms the game will also be updated with new chapters, levels and additional gameplay features as time goes on.

The mobile version of Fairy Tale Twist will offer cross-platform play, eventually allowing gamers to take their Facebook progress with them on the go and experience it in bite-sized chunks.


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