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July 26, 2015 – 08:42 am

maysky2Last night, I went online and, by chance, stumbled across a free visual novel by the name of ‘May Sky’. I installed the game, pressed “f” to full screen it and hit “START”. Little did I know that I was about to be treated to one of the most hilarious, charming, intuitively (non-gushy or melodramatically) romantic, and simple-yet-effective stories I’ve experienced in recent memory.

Those 4-5 hours flew by, and never once was I bored, frustrated or uninterested.

This is the story of two people. They meet, they interact and they fall in love. Nothing grandiose, nothing flashy – and all the better for it.

Yes, there are only two main characters in the entire visual novel. And, in total, only three other characters, none of which you see the faces of and are only in the VN briefly.mainArt Does that mean that it’s a static visual novel (one with no choices; more like a movie)? No, it has choices. But, said choices are limited, which actually works to great effect.

The true core, the heart and soul of this story, is the development of the relationship between Haruki and Minori, nothing else is needed at all.

I had a fantastic time reading this VN, and will probably read it many more times in the upcoming future.

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