OVERALL - 9/10, Polarization +.5, -1

March 25, 2015 – 03:39 pm

Rockmandash Reviews: Planetarian [Visual Novel]Why don't you come to the Planetarium? The beautiful twinkling of eternity that will never fade, no matter when. All the stars in the sky are waiting for you. even as you watch through this review. Welcome to Rockmandash Reviews, and today I'm reviewing one of the most charming stories I've ever had the chance to experience, Planetarian ~The Reverie of a Little Planet~.

Planetarian is a story so charming, and so amazing that I can't help but be impressed by it. It's a short kinetic novel that's about 4 hours, meaning that all you do is read without any interactions, in this short period of time... and I think it's better for that.Rockmandash Reviews: Planetarian [Visual Novel] It may be a turn off for some, but I think it really helps you get into the fantastic world that exists in this game, and into the fantastic story that is Planetarian.

The story follows a "junker", a person who scavenges around to make a living in post-apocalyptic world, in which humanity has essentially killed off itself due to nuclear and biological warfare. The way it fills you with curiosity of the world, is something that will always impress me: it explaining it in such a manner that it's just right, Not too long that it drags out, but not too short that it makes you wish for more. It lets you get to know the world, and the influences it has on the people that inhabit it. It lets you see the devastation, and feel all emotion that comes with a world like this. And the way it presents everything makes it interesting and intriguing, never bogging the story down.Rockmandash Reviews: Planetarian [Visual Novel] It's a great example of world building done right, which is impressive, given the length of the game.

That junker finds himself in a planetarium, where he meets this robot named Yumemi, or Reverie in some fan translations. Yumemi is a bit different than what the junker would expect from a robot: she's a cute yet very talkative robot from a consumer age before humans self-imploded, before the junker came to know the world. It's slice of life, but it's an entertaining and interesting slice of life, a thought provoking and enjoyable one.

I just love the characters, especially Yumemi, as her cute innocence and focus on her old life makes a great contrast to the equally as enjoyable junker, who came to know this bleak world.Rockmandash Reviews: Planetarian [Visual Novel] The way that these characters interact with each other, displaying their differences in their beliefs, ideals, way of life, and what life even means to them was quite moving, and seeing them getting to know each other with their thoughts conflicting, makes for some great character interactions. The themes that it approaches, and the way that it executes make Planetarian stand out, and shows how well it's written. Also, The pacing is just perfect, and the way the story flows is just amazing.

Last but not least, the story ends with a bang. when that ending hits, you will feel it. It will make you think, cry, appreciate, and smile, the full gamut of emotions felt through this game and the way they do it just blows my mind. It shows the strength of the Key formula; making you cry buckets in such a short period of time, and what a great period of time it is.

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