'True Detective' season 2 episode 2 Colin Farrell shocking ending

November 30, 2015 – 07:34 am
Lacey Terrell/HBO/"True Detective"Vince Vaughn plays Frank Semyon on "True Detective."Episode two follows all parties as they try to figure out who is behind Casper’s murder.

However, the lead-up to the episode’s shocking ending gives us a whole lot to chew on.

For starters, how Semyon got the intel about Casper’s second place.

Semyon is on the warpath to make sure the creation of his rail line doesn’t get sabotaged due to Casper’s untimely death. That includes finding out who killed Casper (and where’s all that money Semyon gave him).

colin 3But when it comes to investigating where Casper spent his final moments, Semyon passes Velcoro the address., telling him, “my people ain’t that proficient in evidence handling.”

Velcoro enters Casper’s Hollywood residence to find a pool of blood on the floor, the walls sound-proofed and bizarre masks hanging on them.

HBO/"True Detective"Some interesting wall art.He also discovers a camcorder in a small room that has a two-way mirror that looks into the living room.

Then suddenly a person wearing all black and a crow mask walks in and shoots Velcoro.

HBO/"True Detective"Surprise!If you were watching episode one carefully you’ll remember this is the second time the crow mask has made an appearance. It was sitting next to whoever was driving around Casper in last week’s episode.

HBO/"True Detective"Now Velcoro is lying on the ground with two shotgun blasts to the chest from some costumed madman.

HBO/"True Detective"So is Semyon or one of his goons in that crow mask? Maybe it’s the father Velcoro beat up in the first episode?

Your browser does not support the video tag. HBO/"True Detective"

Regardless, folks on Twitter are trying to figure out if they have a “Game of Thrones” Ned Stark death on their hands. — Cheryl Dachille (@CherylDachille)
TD ep 2 TD crow

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