Are novels realApril 18, 2016 – 04:33 pm

Are novels real

The omni­present and deadly threat to the novel has been imminent now for a long time … Will Self. Photograph: Karen Robinson for the Guardian Karen Robinson/Guardian If you happen to be a writer, one of the great benisons of having children is that your personal culture-mine is equipped with its own canaries. As you tunnel on relentlessly into the future, these little harbingers either choke on the noxious gases released by the extraction of decadence… Only here best movies of 2018 in good quality

What are novels in verse?April 6, 2016 – 04:08 pm

What are novels in verse?

The Verse Novel (AKA: a novel in poems) is a new form of storytelling that’s hit the YA market in the last five to ten years. Intrigued by this new form, I spent some time during my studies at the Vermont College of Fine Art this past term exploring the nuts and bolts of this form. Due to it’s intense emotional scenes, use of white space, and often edgy content, verse novels have become very popular with teens. Many see this controversial new form…

New novels for Middle schoolApril 2, 2016 – 03:55 pm

New novels for Middle school

Best Middle School Books for Summer Reading Please click on any title heading to see the complete post which includes book reviews. You can also click on any book to purchase at Amazon. I compiled all the book lists I have made on for Middle School. I hope this helps you find some great books to keep your middle school child reading happily this summer. My oldest (12 year old girl) loved Hunger Games so much that she read the series 5 times. She liked…

Urdu novels and StoriesMarch 25, 2016 – 03:21 pm

Urdu novels and Stories

We Pakistanis no doubt are born romantic. You can blame all on may be those larger-than-life Bollywood movies of Salman Khan or perhaps on those romantic novels we all use to read in our teenage. Well talking about novels, Pakistani novels have a huge following, well thank our own people for it! Huh… it was just a joke, I swear reading novels are the best thing that has happened to my life and I believe it’s everyone’s favorite time pass too. Though…

New novels releasedMarch 21, 2016 – 02:37 pm

New novels released

LONDON (CNN) — A finished copy of a new “Fifty Shades” book told from protagonist Christian Grey’s perspective has been stolen ahead of the novel’s release next week, its UK publisher confirmed Thursday. Author E.L James announced plans on June 1 to publish the book, “Grey: Fifty Shades of Grey as Told by Christian.” The scheduled release date — June 18 — coincides with the protagonist’s birthday, as devoted fans of the “Fifty Shades” novels may know…

Visual novels onlineMarch 17, 2016 – 02:36 pm

Visual novels online

Hello! My name is Glenn Song and I m the artist and writer for the webcomic This Mortal Coil. I m also a game/web developer and I m using all of these skills to help me produce this webcomic series. The Comic Premise. Takahashi Natsumi is a young woman who dies and becomes a modern day Shinto deity. She s learning what it means to be a god and trying to find her place among the different pantheons in the Eternal Realm - a place that encompasses all…

Visual novels PS Vita EnglishMarch 13, 2016 – 02:15 pm

Visual novels PS Vita English

The PlayStation Vita has transformed into a great platform for visual novels. For the uninformed, these games are usually developed in Japan and heavily focuses on the story elements with minimal gameplay (if at all). The portability and high-res screen of the handheld system makes it perfect for this genre. So what are the best visual novel games for the Vita? You can find out in our list below. 5. Xblaze Series The BlazBlue series of fighting games…